Becoming Minimalist

You might have come across the word “minimalist”  or maybe the expression “becoming minimalist.” If not, then let me introduce you to it. In a nutshell, becoming minimalist is living a life with less material possessions, a life of freedom, free from the demands of the society. Some people see this as living a life of little or no bills to worry about, with less than 100 possessions, with a total of 30 clothing items to wear, no cars, no kids, you can name the rest.

After my last trip to Cameroon in January 2016, I realized I needed a lifestyle change. Prior to my trip, I was struggling financially, yes I mean struggling, and in addition to all my travel expenses I went on to buy a bag full of new clothes and shoes just for my trip. My lame excuse: I don’t have summer-like clothing and shoes for the scourging Tiko/Limbe/Mamfe heat. Really?

Fast-forward to the end of my stay in Cameroon; I was forced to abandon most of the things because I chose traveling with my Cameroonian foodstuffs over the clothes and shoes. A month after my arrival, I had not unpacked my bag. Why? I did not have space in my closet for those additional items.


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