How was your weekend?

Hey guys, how was your weekend? Tomorrow is Monday and we’ll be back to the hustle and grind- I know! (Sighs) We all wish we had five days of rest and two days of work right? How about a petition for that? we will surely be needing help.

Well, I had one of those weekends I hope could be extended. My Saturday was filled with activities, but preferred I had some extra time to do more though.

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Let’s talk about the “Pooping Anxiety”

Folks, remember I said I was going to talk about everything and anything. On my way to work this morning, listening to the radio, I suddenly burst out laughing. A lady had bailed out on her boyfriend; I mean no-call, no-show kind of deal. With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, all her boyfriend wanted for Thanksgiving was to spend some great time with his boo.

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On the Road: Louiseville, KY

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Last weekend, I decided it was time for a weekend getaway and Kentucky was my go-to destination. If you know me well, you’ll know I have a soft spot for Kentucky, Louisville to be precise for reasons I cannot control.

After a short and smooth flight, we were safe in the heart of Louisville. It was 9:00 pm and was so looking forward to the following day when I could freely explore the beauties of Muhammad Ali’s city.

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