Becoming Minimalist

You might have come across the word “minimalist”  or maybe the expression “becoming minimalist.” If not, then let me introduce you to it. In a nutshell, becoming minimalist is living a life with less material possessions, a life of freedom, free from the demands of the society. Some people see this as living a life of little or no bills to worry about, with less than 100 possessions, with a total of 30 clothing items to wear, no cars, no kids, you can name the rest.

After my last trip to Cameroon in January 2016, I realized I needed a lifestyle change. Prior to my trip, I was struggling financially, yes I mean struggling, and in addition to all my travel expenses I went on to buy a bag full of new clothes and shoes just for my trip. My lame excuse: I don’t have summer-like clothing and shoes for the scourging Tiko/Limbe/Mamfe heat. Really?

Fast-forward to the end of my stay in Cameroon; I was forced to abandon most of the things because I chose traveling with my Cameroonian foodstuffs over the clothes and shoes. A month after my arrival, I had not unpacked my bag. Why? I did not have space in my closet for those additional items.


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A Look Back

It was a cold Saturday night, sitting in the pew, listening to scriptures, with interludes in music, looking forward to the year 2017. From the pockets of my black winter coat, I reached out for my phone. What time is it? I asked myself. As my phone lit, my screensaver reminded me that I am fortunate despite the odds. As I continued to stare at my screensaver, I heard voices, in jubilation, the congregants screamed, “Happy New Year 2017”. Oh snap! I need a screenshot of this hour. It was 00:00 January 1st 2017. Wishes were made, goals set, fingers crossed, coat zipped up, hood up, keys in hand, I dashed to the door. Shuuuut! It’s cold! Ignoring the cold and windy morning, looked up to the sky, jumped as high as I could, and I shouted Bonne Année!

Did my wishes become realities? What about my goals? Are my fingers still crossed? Hahaha, Funny right? Oh Yes! Another Yes!

So many things have happened in 365 days, and I owe the glory to God and my determination to be the best.  Being able to read from me is one of my achievements among others. Some were shared with the world, some stayed within my four walls. Some attained a 100% completion rate; some had a lil above 60%, others at 10% but am still a work in progress. For sure i know, 2017 marked the beginning of a lifetime filled with happiness and love.

As I match on to 2018, I am confident to be a better me, to share with the world more of me, to put a smile on the faces of others, to love more and be loved, to say Thank You or Am Sorry.

On this note, i say Adieu to the moments I lived, to the smiles I wore, the moments the shoes were kicked off to grace the dance floor, to that champagne I was coerced into drinking while holding on to the graces it brought.

Buh-Bye 2017


“We were traded as goods and services.” – Libya Survivor

Life seemed to be ecstatic growing up as a kid and into a young adult. At age 19, I enrolled at the University of Buea graduating three years later with a Bachelors of Science degree. As a graduate, I was among the thousands who had earned degrees but could not find a job. I had gained my membership into “chôma-camp” a word coined from the French word “chômage,” meaning unemployment.

All efforts to make a living yielded no fruits. What was next? I wondered. Like millions of people, I gazed towards the north of Africa, with hopes and the desire to get to Europe to make a life and a name for myself.

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Work – Life Balance

My daily routine starts with my alarm going off at 6:00 am, an hour commute to work on a good day, an average of 9.0 hours of real work and an hour drive back home. Sometimes I sit in traffic, thinking of how old I am, imagining how much time I have before retirement and how long I can be able to keep up with this routine. Like many of you out there, there are days I log out from my computer in anger because I have had a long and tiring day, just to get home to continue working from where I stopped.

According to Harvard Business School survey, 94% of working professionals reported working more than 50 hours per week, and nearly half said they worked more than 65 hours per week. It is no secret how damaging this work style could be to our personal lives; mentally, our relationships, friendships, you know it all. There are days I have gone without lunch or just sat on my desk choking on my lunch while working like there is no tomorrow. For a long time, I thought I was merely working hard to achieve my work goals, which is, in fact, a lie because, I am a WORKAHOLIC.

I always dread Mondays and will lay in bed on Sunday nights wishing Monday never came. This recurring Sunday thoughts made me into believing I am not a workaholic. How can a workaholic dread Mondays. What I ignored were facts that proved I am one.

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My Weight Gain



People who have known me all through my life cannot seem to wrap it around their heads how significantly my body changed in little or no time. I have even earned names like “thickums” , “ponytail” and ofcourse “fatima” the name you earn in my house if you ever gain weight. If you have never known me, you would probably be like “but she looks just fine”. No, I don’t! In less than no time, i moved from a size 00 to a size 6. This was a milestone for me. Considering the fact that, years ago, i tried to eat all the fast foods you can think of but nothing, i mean nothing happened. Not to say how impressed i am that i did quit that life of self-hating.

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