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Let's Talk Budgeting – 5 Ways to Save on Your Monthly Grocery Budget

Who doesn’t like to have some extra money in their pockets at the end of the month? I don’t know about you, but I am over here screaming, Me! Me! Me!

Honestly, the best feeling you want to get at the end of the month is knowing that you have some extra bucks in your bank account as a result of a couple of financial changes you implemented, like cutting down on your grocery bill.

Some people spend as much as $600 each month on groceries when they could be spending less than that. There are so many strategies you could put in place to help you save on your groceries, however, we are going to look at just five different ways to save on your grocery budget at the end of each month.

  1. Create a Budget – You want to be able to know how much you plan to spend on groceries in a given month. So, starting with a budget will give you an idea of how much you will spend and guide you in making spending decisions. 
  2. Have a Grocery List – Before you step into a grocery store, always ensure you have a grocery list and stick to it. Go through your pantry, freezer or refrigerator to see what you already have at home and prepare a list of only the things you need. There will be instances where you’ll be required to grab something that is not on your grocery list for valid reasons. This should only be one-off situations and not a recurring habit.
  3. Shop Alone – Have you ever gone into a store to pick up a single item and you walk out with a shopping cart full of stuff? Now, you are wondering how in the world that ever happened? Think again – Did you go into that store with a significant other, child, parent or best friend? I bet you, Yes! Forget about the company, you do not need that in a grocery store. For example, you go to the store with Chris to grab a gallon of milk, and he picks up some apples that are on sale or you do not want to listen to Jason’s cry on your drive home if you do not buy his favorite crackers. Imagine you were there all by yourself. 
  4. Store Coupons or Promotions – Who said coupons were for old people only? Are you that person who is ashamed of pulling out some coupons at the checkout counter for fear of how people are going to stare at you? Friends, we are talking about saving on your hard-earned money. Take out those coupons, scan those store discount cards, enter your phone number, take total advantage of all those promotions. I am the queen of all these saving hacks and i fear not any eyes when it comes to my saving strategies. 
  5. Buy whole fruits and vegetables- I understand it’s time-consuming to cut up some fruits in the morning before heading out for work. Have you thought of how much you’ll save if you cut up your pineapple the night before and how much more you’ll get for the amount will spend for a whole large pineapple? Think about it and let me know in the comment section below.

Dear friends, you won’t believe how much you’ll save on your budget expenses when you implement just one of these money-saving hacks. Let’s deviate from spending more unnecessarily and saving more towards important projects and future goals.

As always, thank you for stopping by.


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