Becoming Minimalist

You might have come across the word “minimalist”  or maybe the expression “becoming minimalist.” If not, then let me introduce you to it. In a nutshell, becoming minimalist is living a life with less material possessions, a life of freedom, free from the demands of the society. Some people see this as living a life of little or no bills to worry about, with less than 100 possessions, with a total of 30 clothing items to wear, no cars, no kids, you can name the rest.

After my last trip to Cameroon in January 2016, I realized I needed a lifestyle change. Prior to my trip, I was struggling financially, yes I mean struggling, and in addition to all my travel expenses I went on to buy a bag full of new clothes and shoes just for my trip. My lame excuse: I don’t have summer-like clothing and shoes for the scourging Tiko/Limbe/Mamfe heat. Really?

Fast-forward to the end of my stay in Cameroon; I was forced to abandon most of the things because I chose traveling with my Cameroonian foodstuffs over the clothes and shoes. A month after my arrival, I had not unpacked my bag. Why? I did not have space in my closet for those additional items.


Ding! Ding! Ding! That bell in my head could not stop ringing. I was slowly becoming a hoarder, I thought to myself. I had to address this situation as early as possible. I finally received the wake-up call. I sprung from my bed, grabbed the bag I had been staring at, emptied all its contents onto my bed. In anger, I opened up my closet, and one section after the other removed everything. At the end of the night, I had filled up five trash bags of items for donations. I can’t explain how I felt after this.

As the days went by, I also decided to change my spending habits, not using shopping as a form of therapy anymore but going for the essentials only. #struggles In a quest to know more about this new feeling of wanting to have less and living little, I went on a search. Boom! I realized I was becoming minimalist. I learned a new word, a new way of life; I was determined to be fresh and free.

I recently walked into a young couple’s home and was so impressed with how less stuff they own, and I was more inspired and glad I am working hard towards such a serene lifestyle. Let’s take a moment to think of how much stuff we’re hoarding. aarrghh


Well as a new me, still struggling to be a minimalist, I have experienced some growth but I still want to be able to:

  • Love me first
  • Ensure my lifestyle is not defined by my society
  • Spend less and reuse more
  • Get rid of unnecessary items or de-clutter
  • Buy less
  • Create space
  • Establish a cheap lifestyle
  • Don’t use the mall as my therapy room
  • Set savings goals
  • Give away what i don’t want or use/ Re-gift items
  • Yes! Yes! Yes! Recycle my wardrobe as many times as I can

I can add a lot to this list as time goes on, I am taking a step at a time and am hoping a lot of us can join the train. We can do this.

#becomingminimalist #minimalist

With Love,


16 thoughts on “Becoming Minimalist

  1. There is freedom in less material possessions and accumulating shared memories. This lead me to buying two books; a year without purchase and living with intent. I feel empowered to embark on a journey after reading about how someone else did it. So Felicia, cheers to this journey!


  2. Life is vain.thank you for walking us down your path.As a Jesus follower its a yes step, for material possessions don’t bring lasting joy.possessions distract us from the real things,such as growing in your faith as a Christian vs trying to meet up with material needs. Ma, enjoy your freedom and get ready to be someone’s welcome Godsend.


  3. Very helpful post. I have adopted this lifestyle for a long time now. I buy just what I need. Asa my space is filled up…i do away with items I don’t need no more. It’s actually a healthy lifestyle even though I’m still fighting w my shoe addiction….not addiction per se …but I loveeeee shoes. 😂😂😂😃😃😃 Mah I need help ohhh..great post my dear.


  4. Great post Ma! I didn’t know about that word before reading your post, but guess what… destiny (my life’s events) forced me into this life style(and that’s a story for another day). I really didn’t embace it because of my love for clothes, and shoes but with time, I have come to the understanding that I could still live a happier and more healthy life without all the possessions. Now with your post…I am willing to be more intentional about it…freedom from societal expectations of what a lady should wear and possess and freedom to live from within rather than living from without…Lets do this!


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