I Am Thankful For…

Before you guys start looking for places to faint or start rushing to my house to beat me up, let me start by apologizing for my amateur video am about to share with you.

On November 18, my fellow Holy Trinity Choir (HTC) family members and I attended this great retreat at the most serene location ever. It was not a coincidence that we did chose that location to talk about Conversion, it was a divine intervention. I tell you all my brothers and sisters, after a wonderful talk by Br. Dening Achiri,hymns, the rosary, confession and Mass, (Don’t come for me, am a proud Catholic christian) we were all filled with the Holy Spirit.

We were all thankful to God for everything in our lives. The lord has his ways of bringing us back to him and his teachings. – Preach girl!

No more of the talking. Let’s watch!

Spirits were high, we had been washed anew and at that moment all I could think of was to pull out my outdated phone and capture the moments.

With Christ in us, we could not be more thankful to God for how far we have come in this life. We were remembered of how often we over look the things in our lives and how we should be thankful for…

Special thanks to Msg. John Hopkins for letting us use their facility. Rendez-vous 2018.

In everything, Be Thankful.

With a thankful heart,


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