My Weight Gain



People who have known me all through my life cannot seem to wrap it around their heads how significantly my body changed in little or no time. I have even earned names like “thickums” , “ponytail” and ofcourse “fatima” the name you earn in my house if you ever gain weight. If you have never known me, you would probably be like “but she looks just fine”. No, I don’t! In less than no time, i moved from a size 00 to a size 6. This was a milestone for me. Considering the fact that, years ago, i tried to eat all the fast foods you can think of but nothing, i mean nothing happened. Not to say how impressed i am that i did quit that life of self-hating.

Each time i meet or talk to friends, am being asked the many questions you can think of and each time i give them the same regimen i used which as it is evident, it worked for me.

  • Self-Love – We know a lot of times, life throws us under the bus. Things happen and you are like why me all the time. We all have fallen into thinking our happiness comes from others and without certain people in our lives we’re doomed to die. Oh well, I was there, took my own share of pain, asked all the questions, knew I was never gonna make it, till the day i freed myself. Life has never been easy since the moment i decided i had to love my self first. I started doing all that will make me happy and of course remained mindful of the people around me. I decided to “Let Go and Let God”. And now, with my self-love and having myself as my own source of happiness things started falling in place. Let’s move on peeps.
  • Multivitamins -I added something new to my life. Many at-times, we ignore the little things our bodies need and focus on unnecessary lifestyle regimens. Not until when i started taking daily multivitamins then i realized how much i needed it. Find which is best for you and discontinue if you realize it does not suit your body. Don’t be afraid to start the process all over again.
  • Supplementary Drinks – With the bustling lives we all have, sitting down to eat can be a challenge to most of us. I came to realize Boost Drink replaced those meals and nutrients I usually did not have the time for. Although, i have long stopped taking boost, the boost it gave to me was irreplaceable.


The downside of this is; It’s gonna take me years to get a full wardrobe again. I cannot fit in my regular shoes and clothes again. So many giveaways have taken place over the past months and am also accepting donations for my new wardrobe hahahaha. I was used to going into the store, picking up clothes heading straight to the counter because i knew it was going to fit. But now, this “ponytail” got me going to the dressing room all the time. Don’t even mention online shopping…

We all might have different experiences, but this three worked well for me. That which i will never throw away is self-love. It works like magic. I hope this helps you. Continue to spread the love as always.



2 thoughts on “My Weight Gain

  1. Mah you have said it all my girl. I can relate to you completely. My dear we are running the ‘fatima’ race together. Keep loving yourself.


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