Cheers to my “Bamenda” family!


“I did not know a lot about the North West culture until I joined this choir” Those were my words to a friend recently. As a “Bayangi Girl” I guess you cannot really blame me.

I grew up in the South West Region of Cameroon and despite the fact that, my mom and her siblings grew up in that part of the country, my grandfather married a beautiful woman from Banso, i have a host of cousins and friends whose parents are from that part of town, I knew  very little about the North West Region or the different cultures. I could only identify the popular “Atoghu” or “Toghu” fabric, or a delicious plate of achu or fufucorn with my Bamenda people just because i love clothes and am a foodie.


First time in an atoghu or toghu. Collection loading…

In 2015, I could not wait to visit the beautiful North West Region. Driving through the region, catching a glimpse of its beautiful landscape, and spending time in Bamenda was an honor and a dream come true.

In honor of my only living grandparent, Former Miss Banso, Mama Martha Beri Ntui let’s dance to this lovely music. Just can’t get enough of this piece. So want to meet them in person. Connections please! Ain’t we family?

Banla and Tirajai – Lah Yer

I cannot be more proud of myself learning about my other family which I am affiliated to as you can see. Today i can sing and dance to many Bamenda songs and speak Lamnso hahahaha.

N’shati my Banso people.

You can call me Beri

With Love,


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