How was your weekend?

Hey guys, how was your weekend? Tomorrow is Monday and we’ll be back to the hustle and grind- I know! (Sighs) We all wish we had five days of rest and two days of work right? How about a petition for that? we will surely be needing help.

Well, I had one of those weekends I hope could be extended. My Saturday was filled with activities, but preferred I had some extra time to do more though.

A visit to the Arundel Mills Mall was the highlight of my Saturday. This time i tried to stay away from my regular stores like H&M , Aldo and Forever 21. I had a sad face when i saw that Neiman Marcus is closing down its store at this mall, but was so excited to see all the Thanksgiving and Christmas sales at Burlington Coat Factory.


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Some of my finds from Saturday

Oh! And Sunday came. It was an honor to be in the house of the lord. Together with my family in Christ, we danced, sang, praised the Most High Lord. It was also a day of Thanksgiving, as we celebrated the 20th Anniversary of one of our priests, Fr. Maurice Akwa, at the Church of the Resurrection, Burtonsville, MD.  The Eucharistic celebration and jamboree was epic, one to reminisce.

20171115_221052For church, I donned a Calvin Klein dress which was on sale and a Steve Madden pair of sandals. I was ready to dance and therefore needed some comfortable pair of shoes but still needed to look shaarrrrrpp too. Wished i had a better picture.

Now, let’s go back to the grind. Happy New Week!



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