On the Road: Louiseville, KY

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Last weekend, I decided it was time for a weekend getaway and Kentucky was my go-to destination. If you know me well, you’ll know I have a soft spot for Kentucky, Louisville to be precise for reasons I cannot control.

After a short and smooth flight, we were safe in the heart of Louisville. It was 9:00 pm and was so looking forward to the following day when I could freely explore the beauties of Muhammad Ali’s city.

Saturday came, and it was time to hit the restaurants and of course Churchill Downs. While I cannot remember all the names of the restaurants I visited except for Selena’s at Willow Lake Tavern; I did enjoy the dining adventures and if you were wondering they all had great food, and yes they were cheap and affordable for someone like me coming from the DC Area.

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I grew up watching horse races on TV, and if you grew up in Cameroon like me, you probably watched Tierce, and enjoyed picking your horses hoping they won the race. It is a different experience when you have to watch these horse races in-person and live at The Kentucky Derby.


For a moment I thought I was becoming an animal activists because of how exhausted the horses looked after the race, and you won’t believe how quickly I joined the crowd in cheering, selecting my potential champion horses and hoping they brought home the victory and the cash. The fun-fair was immense, the cheering crowd and just the feel of having a good time and not working hard were unspeakable. I had a blast!

If you are ever in Louisville and you do not visit the 21c Museum Hotel, you better not check off Louisville on your bucket list. This museum is free and open to the public all year round. Once you walk through the doors, you will be astonished to find the variety of exhibitions on display.


Wallpaper commission (Marti)


My favorite of all was the Text Rain, an interactive and reflective installation with dropping letters controlled by your body motions. You can form words or phrases by letting these letters fall on your hands or shoulders.


Imagine yourself in the bathroom for a wee-wee and there is someone staring at you. I bet you, you are walking out of that bathroom in no second. That is the experience you get from a reflective mirror where you can see people on the other side  who in turn see just a mirror. Not to talk of the scary men you see on the sinks in the women’s bathroom.

Sometimes, that getaway might seem so brief or seem to be so expensive for a one-day or two-day trip. We all need to declutter our minds at some point, so to be able to return to the hustle with a refreshed state-of-mind.

Let me know if you ever visit Louisville. Am pretty sure you will enjoy it! Do not forget to grab a bottle of the finest Kentucky Bourbon!

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