Work – Life Balance

My daily routine starts with my alarm going off at 6:00 am, an hour commute to work on a good day, an average of 9.0 hours of real work and an hour drive back home. Sometimes I sit in traffic, thinking of how old I am, imagining how much time I have before retirement and [...]

I Am Thankful For…

Before you guys start looking for places to faint or start rushing to my house to beat me up, let me start by apologizing for my amateur video am about to share with you. On November 18, my fellow Holy Trinity Choir (HTC) family members and I attended this great retreat at the most serene [...]

My Weight Gain

  People who have known me all through my life cannot seem to wrap it around their heads how significantly my body changed in little or no time. I have even earned names like "thickums" , "ponytail" and ofcourse "fatima" the name you earn in my house if you ever gain weight. If you have [...]

How was your weekend?

Hey guys, how was your weekend? Tomorrow is Monday and we'll be back to the hustle and grind- I know! (Sighs) We all wish we had five days of rest and two days of work right? How about a petition for that? we will surely be needing help. Well, I had one of those [...]

Let’s talk about the “Pooping Anxiety”

Folks, remember I said I was going to talk about everything and anything. On my way to work this morning, listening to the radio, I suddenly burst out laughing. A lady had bailed out on her boyfriend; I mean no-call, no-show kind of deal. With the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, all her boyfriend wanted for Thanksgiving [...]