Over the past six years or so, I created three different blogs. I blogged for a while, deleted the blogs, started the process all over again, gave excuses, guest-blogged, edited write-ups, said I did not have time because I was dying from school and work, lost interest and what have you.

Some months ago, I decided to face my fears; I decided it was time to throw away that soft and private side of me, document and share with the world my thoughts, expressions and my interests.

On that note, I say WELCOME! A big welcome to Leasyah – my sphere.  Here, I will share with you all that I can, all that I love, all that I wish for but of course not all that I do…hahahahaha.

Thank you for your love and support and may your dreams come true, may your blessings be as many as the stars, may you triumph.

With Love,